Young Readers


The LNESC Young Readers Program was launched as a national initiative in 1986 to improve reading skills among kindergarten through second-grade students. The program is a highly interactive and family-oriented academic year-long course designed to instill a love of reading at an early age. 


Program participants include students who are struggling with reading and writing, especially those whom teachers believe can benefit from its structure and support. In addition to the increase of self-confidence, our program has been improving the communication skills, writing skills and comprehension levels of K-2nd graders across the nation for nearly 20 years. It has successfully evolved into an intervention for raising the reading levels of academically challenged children, while also drawing parents into a literacy development framework that benefits their entire family.


Program Highlights for PY2018-2019

  • 100% of parents observed improvement in their child's reading abilities, with 86% reporting reading abilities increased by a good deal or more

  • 100% of parents observed their child feeling more confident about reading, writing, and spelling, with 72% reporting this confidence increased by a good deal or more.

  • 100% of parents observed an increase in their child's academic performance, with 84% reporting performance increased by a good deal or more.

“My child was enthusiastic about being in the program. She loves reading about the stories in the book and having discussions about what they read.”

-Parent, Carver Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA


“The teachers are awesome! They are very patient with the children learning to read.”

-Parent, Roberts Academy  in Cincinnati, OH


“I have done the program for more than 15 years. I usually work with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. With this program, I get a chance to better understand the early learning and strategies beginning readers need to develop.”

-Christine Barrantes, Reading Teacher at Mendenhall Elementary in Plano, TX.


“The area with the greatest impact was reading. We introduced theme literature and created flipbooks. The students gained self-monitoring and being able to complete an assignment thoroughly.”

-Celene Alvarado, Reading Teacher at Carver Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA.









Young Readers Locations

Atlanta, GA

Cincinnati, OH (2)


Los Angeles, CA

San Antonio, TX

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