LNESC Miami Upward Bound program participants engage in year-round learning activities. The Upward Bound program provides essential services for low income/first generation high school students to successfully graduate high school and enter college/pursue higher education. All Upward Bound program services are funded by a grant from the Department of Education and are free of any cost, to all participants. Students are provided with a plethora of resources to help them foster both academic and personal growth. During the academic months, students participate in daily afterschool tutoring sessions, monthly educational/college readiness/career awareness/financial literacy/ workshops & various other academic and cultural related activities. During the summer months, students attend a six-week academic instructional - enriching college component and participate in college campus tours/visits, cultural field trips and academic enriching trips.
UB Students at NASA-Kennedy Space Center

UB Students at NASA-Kennedy Space Center

Developing Lifelong Learners

During the COVID pandemic, many challenges were encountered by our community. LNESC MIAMI continued to provide uninterrupted Upward Bound educational services to our students/families. Contactless educational instruction and program services were made possible through the use of technology and creativity. This pandemic taught us that perseverance, hard work, optimism, patience and good will are all within each one of us. LNESC Miami staff will continue to assist all our students and their families to continue striving for educational excellence and making the dream of attending college a reality.

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Inspiring Academic Excellence and Empowering Latino Youth


Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a FREE, federally funded TRiO program providing fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. Upward Bound projects offer tutoring, advisement, mentoring, and cultural enrichment and supplemental instruction for high school students from low-income and first-generation families and other disconnected youth.

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Dulce M. Diaz-Vega,Director

Dulce M. Diaz-Vega

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Rosy Torres,Upward Bound Program Coordinator

Rosy Torres
Upward Bound Program Coordinator

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