National Staff (Washington D.C.)

Richard Roybal

Executive Director

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Lisa Smith

Chief Financial Officer

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Marianna Morón

Chief Operating Officer

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Ebony Young

Senior Accountant

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Raul S. Sanchez

Director of Development

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Andriesha Burley

Accounting Associate

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Martin Vargas

Digital Education Coordinator

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Enid Jimenez

Administrative Assistant

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Hameda Tokhi

Program & Communications Coordinator

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Center Directors

John Moya

Director - Albuquerque, NM
Director of Corporate Relations

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Maria Elena Cruz

Director - Austin, TX

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Zaida Vázquez

Director - Bayamon, PR

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Steve Garcia

Director - Colorado Springs, CO

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Feliberto Valdez

Director - Corpus Christi, TX

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Ray De Los Santos

Director - Dallas, TX

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Cesar Garcia

Director - El Paso, TX

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Rose Ann Blanco

Director - Houston, TX

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Michael Macias

Director - Kansas City, MO

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Dulce Diaz Vega

Director - Miami, FL

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Andrea Zamora

Project Director - Oxnard, CA

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Shane Weller

Director - Philadelphia, PA

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Orlando Blancas

Director - San Antonio, TX

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Eloisa Kirkwood

Director - San Antonio, TX

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Mariana Mendez-Casanova

Director - San Diego, CA

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Oswaldo Camarena-Gonzalez

Director - Vancouver, WA

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