Resources for Undergraduate Students

Academic Resources
Choosing your major, useful online resources, and planning a path to graduation.

Career Exploration
Career planning is a very individual and complicated process. However, here is a suggested timeline created by Missouri State University that may enhance your undergraduate experience and help you stay on track. ​

Financial Resources for Undergraduates 
There are various resources out that can help you assess how to be financially responsible throughout your undergraduate education. Financial aid can involve federal assistance from the U.S government, scholarships, and non-profit or private organizations. For low-income students who cannot avail of financial support from their parents, financial aid can cover educational expenses including tuition and fees, housing, books and supplies, and transportation. It is important to understand how to navigate loans- which are also an option, but to also explore all types of funding available and make a decision that works best for you. Our resource list provides a unique visual that can walk you through how to apply for financial aid through the U.S government’s FAFSA portal- which can open the door to loans, grants, and scholarships. It also provides a general list of financial resources available to students to help them navigate college in a financially responsible manner.

Resources for Undergraduates with Disabilities 

Undergraduate students with physical, mental, intellectual or learning disabilities should note the extensive resources available to them for various organizations and institutions that provide general and specialized support. At times, students with disabilities may need additional support and accommodation to succeed in college. Your respective campus also has specialized student services and associations that offer further empowerment and support for students with disabilities throughout their academic journeys. 

Resources for Undergraduate Immigrant Students

Undocumented and immigrant students have the right to attend college in the United States. However, it can be difficult to navigate what resources are available to you given your respective legal circumstance, but also the constant change in immigration policies in the U.S. Furthermore, immigrant students may also face more hardship when it comes to finding scholarships, federal funding and specialized resources such as language courses. We have compiled a resource list that we hope will support you in your undergraduate career and allow you to have a fulfilling college experience. 

Mental Health Resources for Undergraduates 

It is essential for students to understand that they can access counseling, psychiatric, and mental health management services through their institution’s mental health centers. The pandemic has also had consequences on students mental health. Undergraduate students may find it difficult to adjust to an independent lifestye and navigate academic challenges. This resource list captures the extensive resources available that can help students navigate their mental health, so they can thrive in college.