STEM Explorers

STEM Explorers

STEM Explorers is an after-school program that provides Hispanic/Latina(o) high school students with hands-on, inquiry-based STEM learning. It encourages participants to develop an interest in environmental sciences, sustainability and STEM fields by exposing them to real-world STEM applications and problems through an interactive program curriculum. The program serves 25 to 30 high school juniors and seniors per school location with an emphasis on ensuring that Latinas represent at least half of each class as Latinas are the most underrepresented group in STEM careers.

Program Design

Workshops are facilitated once a month by STEM-certified instructors and designed to inspire and prepare participants to pursue a course of study that leads to undergraduate degrees in STEM-based fields of study. Program activities are exciting and interesting and focus on a variety of topics including environmental science, sustainability, engineering, nanotechnology, physics and energy. The participants also receive practical advice and encouragement about pursing a STEM degree by interacting with Latina and Latino STEM mentors and role models. By connecting participants with minority engineers, technologists, and other professionals, STEM Explorers' students are presented with new pathways and opportunities in STEM fields.

Program Impact

For spring and summer 2020, the STEM Explorers program served 21 Latino students, consisting of 52% male and 48% female, at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. Students were exposed to over 35 hours of STEM-focused curriculum. The summer component, as part of the four-week Migrant and Dual Language Program, offered one week of STEM instruction (five two-hour sessions). In 2020-21, the program was relocated to Albuquerque, NM



Albuquerque, NM