Science Corps

Science Corps is an after-school program designed to encourage middle school students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This is achieved by exposing them to real-world STEM applications and problems. 

The program specifically targets female and minority students in order to prepare them to pursue a course of study that leads to undergraduate degrees in engineering or science. Latinos have a challenging time meeting STEM mentors and acquiring social capital that will ease them into a job. As such, a focused commitment to increase Latino representation in STEM careers will provide a greater number of role models and mentors for the Latino community through programs such as Science Corps. 


Science Corps Locations

Program Design


Science Corps curriculum focuses on activity-based modules and sessions led by STEM professionals. The evidence-based curriculum was developed in collaboration with the Education Development Center and includes weekly meetings on a variety of topics including engineering, nanotechnology, physics, environmental science, energy, and sustainability. LNESC uses grade monitoring, as well as pre- and post-program surveys to evaluate program effectiveness.


Science Corps educators report the level of student engagement and leadership monthly. This tracking is used to measure students' attitudes, interest, enthusiasm, and focus in the Science Corps classroom. Student engagement is found to be greater during hands-on activities, increasing interest in STEM fields and leading to a higher retention of material.


Program highlights for PY2018-2019

  • 63% of students said they plan to take more math and science courses in high school compared to 58% of students at the beginning of the program

  • 80% of students intend to work in an area that requires knowledge of science, compared with 78% at the beginning of the program and 72% the year before.

  • 100% of Science Corps educators surveyed indicated that students made significant gains in problem solving and critical thinking skills as a direct result of the program. 


“The areas of STEM education I have been exposed to include engineering and biology along with many more. I’ve learned how to work as a team and I’ve learned how to work better independently, but overall the program has had a positive impact on me

-Student participant, Marshall Middle School.


“[I liked] that kids were taken to field trips to learn and encourage them more and learn hands on skills.”

-Parent of a Science Corps Participant, Marshall Middle School


We really liked the field trip opportunities the science club afford our students. There were some activities that aligned with our curriculum. The Shell/LNESC Science Club has really been an awesome and valuable asset for Marshall students.”

-Science Corps Educator, Marshall Middle School


“I like that my child is learning a lot about science, and this is going to help him in his future when he goes to college.”

-Parent of a Science Corps Participant, Navarro Middle School




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