COVID-19 Resources for High School Students

How To Pick A College During A Global Pandemic

In a normal year, applicants typically weigh their options, take campus tours, visit the financial aid office. However, this is not a normal year. However, with the right attitude and strategy, students can make an informed college choice.

​Be virtually resourceful!

Universities have started to delay their deadlines for students to accept offers of admission, with some moving the deadline from May 1 to June 1. The group Admission Counselors Cultivating Equity and Peace Today (ACCEPT) has begun to crowdsource a Google doctor track which schools are changing their deadlines.

Additionally, Green Apple College Guidance & Education has started a crowdsourced list of virtual admission programs and webinars and individual schools are also pushing out their events directly to students.

Ignore commercial rankings

Approach your college choice as a search for the school where you can have the best experience, with the realization that there will be aspects that you might not like.

Sienna College’s guide How to choose a college during the Coronavirus Crisis offers insights on creating your own personalized ranking system!

Look at how Colleges are reacting to current events

Go to your top choices’ websites and social platforms and read up on how they are responding to COVID-19. Are they doing their civic duty? Are they perpetuating fear to communicate their stance—or do their words convey compassion and support?