Frito-Lay® Provides Critical Support to Families in Need in Year Two of Partnership With LULAC National Educational Service Centers


CSR Wire

Nov 2, 2023

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Frito-Lay announced its continued partnership with LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc. (LNESC) for a second year. Partnering with LNESC and its Pathways to Uplift and Empower through Novel Technology and Education Services (P.U.E.N.T.E.S.) program, the initiative bridges the language translation and technology digital divide to empower Hispanic families to develop digital literacy skills. In 2023, Frito-Lay will support the digital literacy program in six U.S. markets and will create learning environments for parents and children in need.

“Frito-Lay remains committed to supporting our Hispanic communities by providing the resources necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world,” said Wilson Alarcon, Frito-Lay senior manager and President of Adelante Employee Resource Group for Frito-Lay.

Building on 2022 Success

In the partnership’s inaugural year, Frito-Lay’s investment provided more than 250 families across the U.S. with a pathway to develop digital literacy. Before starting the program, 51.5% of participants were not fully confident with technology. After completing the P.U.E.N.T.E.S. program, 100% of participants had become more confident with technology.
“What began as a call to action to create access to online resources for struggling families during the wake of the pandemic has proven digital literacy to be essential not only in times of crisis, but as a necessity in everyday life,” said LNESC Executive Director Richard Roybal. “We are excited to find creative and innovative methods to bring digital education and understanding of technology to families in the communities we serve.”
In 2023, the program will be available for at-risk students and families in Dallas, Topeka, Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Vancouver (WA).

Making a Long-Term Impact
The bilingual digital education program provides a tangible, long-term impact, allowing participants access to information and resources to do schoolwork, financial aid searches, job training, job searches, ESL courses, online citizenship, résumés, college applications and GED preparation along with other on-line tools to improve their employment status and open future opportunities.

“I would recommend this to everyone,” said Cecil Dozier, LNESC digital literacy beneficiary in Topeka, Kansas.

“The teachers were very patient with me, as I am a slow learner. I am trying to get my daughter to come and bring her children to learn more of this. This is what we need to function in this world today.”

This program honors Hispanic Heritage Month and complements PepsiCo’s Racial Equality Journey (REJ) Hispanic Initiative, a $172 million set of commitments to increase representation within its workforce, support Hispanic-owned businesses and help create economic opportunities in Hispanic American communities. This REJ initiative reinforces Frito-Lay’s long-standing commitment and history of helping local communities across America for more than 90 years.