Frito-Lay Partners With LNESC To Bring Forward the P.U.E.N.T.E.S. Program for Its 2nd Year

Frito-Lay North America

CSR Wire

Dec 19, 2023

Frito-Lay and LNESC staff join P.U.E.N.T.E.S program participants at kickoff event

In 2022, Frito-Lay partnered with LULAC National Educational Service Centers (LNESC) to expand their groundbreaking initiative, Pathways to Uplift and Empower through Novel Technology and Education Services (P.U.E.N.T.E.S.) Program, aimed at empowering underserved communities in key markets through digital literacy training. This investment by Frito-Lay marked a significant expansion of LNESC's existing initiative, now encompassing six U.S. markets, including Dallas, Topeka, Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Vancouver (WA).

At its core, the P.U.E.N.T.E.S. program was designed with a clear mission in mind—to create a nurturing environment in underprivileged communities where first-generation and newly immigrated Hispanic families could acquire the essential skills, resources and tools required for navigating today’s digital landscape.

Results in the first year of the program’s expansion were impactful, with 161 participants benefiting from the initiative and 100% of participants reporting increased confidence in their technological aptitude upon completion of the program. The overall improvement in confidence levels averaged an impressive 104%. This year's cohorts for the P.U.E.N.T.E.S. program anticipate 300+ participants.