Financial Resources 

During college, the biggest worries students face should be studying for their next exam. However, for many students figuring out how to pay for tuition, rent, books, food and all the other expenses of college life can take a serious toll. 

Here's a list of resources for college students that you can turn to, or share with a friend, when finances become a concern.

Your School's Financial Aid Office 

The financial aid office at your university might be able to help you find additional financial aid, whether it be through loans, grants, or scholarships. Some schools also offer short-term emergency loans to students. 


Student Services Office

Financial strains can bleed into other elements of your life and may impact your personal relationships, study habits, and even your grades. The student services office can help you find a counselor who'll help you navigate the situation and may offer time management training that can prove useful if you're working while at school. 

Scholarship Organizations

Scholarships, which are often critical resources for college students, are available throughout the year to upper and lower classmen alike. Apply for scholarships with upcoming deadlines, and you may win money to cover pressing expenses. 

On-campus student clubs or organizations

You can learn about additional resources for college students by connecting with your peers. If you're part of a student club or group, see if it has a directory of helpful financial resources. Also, try to find and connect with fellow students who've overcome similar struggles to ask for advice and learn how they managed.


Some students start a crowdfunding campaign to help them raise money for their college expenses. You likely won't be able to cover the cost of all your schooling, but if you have a particular need, such as a set of textbooks or fees for a study abroad program, crowdfunding could be a good option.

Private student loans

A private student loan could help you pay for school-certified educational expenses. To qualify, you'll need to meet eligibility and credit requirements. You may need a creditworthy cosigner if you don't qualify on your own. 

To learn more check out Discover's Advice on College Budgeting

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